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12-Week Online Competition Package


12-week online competition package, including diet, training, cardio, supplement program, and weekly email check-ins. This package also includes Peak Week guidance to make sure you look your absolute BEST on stage.

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12-Week Online Transformation Package

before and after

12-Week online transformation package, including diet, training, cardio, supplement program, and weekly email check-ins.

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60 min Skype Session

All questions answered. Programs are not built during a Skype session.

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In Person One on One Personal Training

Consult 60/min

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10 Sessions

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8 Week - BioS3 Beginners Program

This program is NOT custom made, its a basic program which teaches you how to make it fit your needs. There are a LOT of beginners, who need to learn basics and some people just for health purposes. THAT is THIS PROGRAM. this program is to teach you the basics and how to implement them.

There are 2, 4 week ramps, that change levels of reps, weight used, and cardio time each workout. after the first 4 weeks is complete you move on to the other 4 weeks. Then when you are done start back at the beginning again with the first 4 week ramp, and this can be continued back and forth until someone is ready to begin intermediate or total custom programing.

There is NO check in, NO personal training, just a one time fee for the program and you then have it for life.

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Bios3 Flexible Living Program

This program is not a transformation program its a lifestyle, long term program. it combines strict programing with flexible programing, and is perfect for maintaining the fitness lifestyle long term. this one is for people looking to feel and look better and still be able to eat food they want like pizza for instance, but make not mistake its not an easy no work program.
It moves in 3, 4 week phases for a total of 12 weeks, and the trading, diet and cardio fit the phase.
the 2 phases are:

1 The Strict Phase

2 The Flexible Stage

Includes diet, training, cardio, supplement program and weekly check in via email.
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Modified, Flexible Food Cycling

What this is, is the best of BRO and IIFYM brought together. it took me years of trying to figure out a common ground and how they could both work together. both have good and bad parts to their theories so I took the best parts and discarded the worst parts and crated MFFC. Carb cycling works very well, so does calorie cycling and refeeds, this is adding IIFYM, clean eating, refeeds, and cheat meals all in ONE program BUT in a logical, and strategic way.

It works like this:

The foundation of the eating is BRO or “clean” eating

The next level is IIFYM or using all foods but HITTING THE MACROS exact,

The next level is refeeds with clean food

The next level is cheat meals with IIFYM.

Basically this diet, will allow you to get the very fast results like a “clean diet” offer the foods you like to eat and never restrict foods to the point of mental distress by using the IIFYM style and finally refeeds using clean OR “junk” foods. Calorie and carbcyling is also employed making these work even better, Basically its the perfect storm.

12 weeks of MFFC, training, cardio and supplement program is $370.00 and includes weekly check ins and adjustments, which comes out to only $33.00 per week. This is the cheapest, BEST option to use the best of ALL worlds diet and training wise.

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Lagging Bodypart Plug In Workouts

These are plug in workouts for each body part that can be done in place of current workouts. you simply just take out the workout you are currently doing and plug in the workout for the body part you feel like is not getting the stimulation it needs.

There are workouts for:

Chest, Back, Delts, Arms, Quads, Hamstings, Traps, Calves

Also includes FREE "add 1/4 inch to your arms in a month" specialty workout.

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Side Hustle

Business coaching: 90 min

In this day in age, many people need that extra income, and many people have talents and skills that can bring in that needed income on a monthly basis.

Most people just need to get ahead. does an extra $2000-$3000 per month sound good? Would it help alleviate stress? it's about knowing where to start and what steps to take next. many times things come up in business that school won't teach you. it's a learn as you go scenario. Well, I've made the mistakes, and I've come out on the other side successful with many ventures that were once side hustles and became viable income.

Having as many income streams as possible is how to create wealth, get out of debt and eventually make your side gig your MAIN gig!

The side hustle is where it all begins. in this step, I will sit down with you via zoom and we will go over how to begin to get you that side income that is so urgently needed.

Today is the start of your next chapter, the side hustle.

(results may vary due to circumstances and each individual situation.)

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