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Maintenance mode is on

My name is Muhammad Awais, I'm a WordPress & WooCommerce web developer. I manage Jerry Ward's Website. On monthly basis, I used to take backups, update core, plugins, and themes, and occsianlly add new features to the website on Jerry's request. Today (4th September 2022, almost a month later) I came to know that Jerry is no more with us.

I'm very sad and shocked. He usually replies within 24 hours via email but when I sent a few emails but didn't get any reply, then I did some googling and found this link:

I'm putting Jerry's website on maintenance mode so customers can't place orders anymore and I don't have access to refund customers because payments go to Jerry's account.

Currently, I'm not sure what to do with the website and hosting. I will decide later whether to completely shut it off or not (because I'm still being charged for hosting and domain since I was managing it). If anyone has any questions they can contact me or if any close relative or family member wants to continue the website please let me know. you can contact me via email


Update (17 September, 2022):
This website will be shut down completely in the first week of October. If anyone has any queries please contact me at