T2G (Time 2 Grow)




One month supply, 60 caps per bottle

2 Capsule serving with: 1300MG GIFD adaptogen blend:
Suma root extract
Mumie (shilajit)

Natural anabolicS have been all the rage the last few years with things like Laxogenin being the main one people know about. But even though some of them work well for some people, for others they get nothing from them. A big reason is outside stress. Stress can stop muscle gains dead in their tracks. Well that ends NOW!! T2G (TIME 2 GROW) is here and things will never be the same. T2G is a blend of 3 different adaptogens. Adaptogens are plant sterols, (plant hormones) that have an effect on the body. Here we have

SUMA ROOT: ( pfaffia peniculata root) which has been long called the Russian secret because it was used by the Russians in place of the steroid that was being used methandrolstenalone aka DBOL. And the results we astounding. Thy kept it on lock down for decades. Its also known as Brazilian ginseng fo all the other amazing properties is has that also befit muscle building and athletes!

Helps with:
Boosting imune system
Reducing pain
Digestive health
Gives you energy
Adaption to stress
Increased protein synthesis
Helps heal endocrine, cardiovascular and nervous systems

CORDYCEPS: is derived from a mushroom, it has been used in Chinese medicine for centuries, it is also is one of the most powerful adaptogens in the WORLD!.

Helps with:
Cardio vascular health
Atp production
Renal function (kidneys)
Anti inflammatory
Increased energy levels via oxygen regulation
Liver protection
Anti cancer
Stimulates leading cells
Helps balance cortisol and other stress hormones

And the final part of this trio of muscle building is MUMIE, (MOO ME OH) aka shilajit

MUMIE aka SHILAJIT: is a powerful adaptogen, mineral, herbal, organic acid compound from Russia which offers anabolic healing properties. Used by Russian military, olympic athletes, cosmonauts, for decades. It helps increase strength, LEAN muscle mass, and helps the mind also recover as a stress adaptogen.

Helps with:
Increased muscle mass faster (data shows 10-20% faster)
Increased training workloads 15-25%
Over night recovery
Joint issues
Anti oxidant
Stabilize blood sugar
Immune system response

And there you have it the Tripple threat that is going to change the way muscle building supplements work forever. The body can be in an anabolic state (calorie surplus) and still not grow if the stress hormones stop it. Regulating and controlling those stress hormones by allowing the body to adapt to that stress takes that issue off the table.

T2G not only helps the body adapt to stress of the external source, (work, kids, parents, school, etc)
But it also effects all of the systems of the body In a helpful way to make that anabolic switch go on and STAY ON! Protein synthesis is increased, recovery time is decreased, muscle mass is increased faster and goals can be met quicker.

Its time for the change to start now. Using mother nature for everything she has to help us become better athletes. Its time to get better. It's TIME 2 GROW!!

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