LIFESTYLE Multi-Vitamin




How bout a ONE CAP serving multi vitamin, no bullshit, no added garbage to charge you more, covers ALL of your micro needs, and for the best price anywhere? Yeah coming soon the GIFD LABS LIFESTYLE MULTI! All these companies add in herbs and all kinds of shit, make it a 3 cap serving (some multiple doses per day) and this added shit costs like 30 cents but then they can charge 15-20$ MORE for it and you think you are getting A better product.  Since when did a multi vitamin cost 40 fucking dollars? Let’s not talk about the dosages of these herbs are FAR behind the effective doses. So you get expensive PEE, that doesn’t do ANYTHING! We added the best versions of these micros we could get quality wise there is NO junk in here. Simple get up and with meal one take a single cap and that’s it. Good to go for the day. Things are about to change around here. The bullshit, hoopla and circus these companies make to trick you is over. No tricks. No bullshit. No garbage. GIFD LABS! “

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Weight 2.0 lbs