INTRAPOST-HP was created to have ONE formula for both intra and post. We begin with just creating a post workout formula PERFECT POST ELITE! upon release of this product while formulating a NEW intra it became very clear that the post workout formula was also PERFECT for intra also. NOW we have the intra AND post in one formula which makes it so much easier for that 2/3 of the peri workout nutrition,(intra and post).

INTRAPOST -HP can be used a few different ways.

Option 1: POST workout, 1 scoop
Option 2: INTRA workout, 1 scoop
Option 3 INTRA AND POST workout, 1 scoop mixed before training, half way through the workout begin sipping, and finish immediately following the last rep of the last set.
Option 4: LONGER workouts (2hr) may be used as followed, 1 scoop intra, 1/2 scoop after.

As always check with your physician before starting any supplement or workout program.


*Shorten recovery time
*Increase protein synthesis (true muscle growth)
*Blunt cortisol levels (reduced recovery time)
*Boost immune response to training. (Faster growth)
*Increase cell hydration ( which helps with anabolism)

Easy to use, easy to drink (not thick and heavy) during or right after your workout to get the GAINZ TRAIN moving faster.
The future of intra/post workout nutrition is here and it has no gimmicks, no un-needed ingredients, just the things to help you truly build muscle faster!

20 servings per container.
5 workouts per week for a month.
$1.99 per serving.


Additional information

Weight 2.7 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 6 × 5 in