Complete Peri Workout nutrition stack!


Complete muscle building “PERI WORKOUT” stack.

Peri Workout nutrition is the term for the nutrients taken in directly before (pre), during (intra), and after (post) workout which is believe to be the most important time to get those muscle building nutrients in. EVERYTHING is covered with this stack all the guess work has been taken away for you.

creatine, inosine, carbohydrates and pyruvate before, EAAs, carb matrix, cortisol control and cellular hydration (water inside the muscle cell) are all accounted for in these 2 easy to use products.

there are a few different ways to use them:

one: take one scoop of premosine 30 min before your workout, take one scoop of intrapost during and one scoop of intrapost after.

two: take one scoop of premosine 30 min before the workout, take 1 scoop of intrapost and begin sipping half way through the workout and finish right after the last set of the workout is done.

Intrapost-HP and PREmosine are both meant to be mixed in water to get the fastest assimilation possible to get you recovering and growing as fast as possible.


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