"When I first met Jerry, I was in average shape. I had been lifting weights in a gym for a few years and running outside, but the lack of change or improvement in my body left me feeling frustrated and uninspired. Unsure of how to articulate what kind of help I needed but knowing how I wanted to look and feel, I asked Jerry for help. My first session with Jerry was truly a wake up call. Not only did he teach me a new way of looking at food, he encouraged me to finally stop counting calories. Our workouts were extremely challenging, and it didn’t take long for me to see dramatic changes. That first meeting was over two years ago, and today my focused workouts and tailored nutrition have enabled me improve every aspect of my life." -Erin Merritt, VA


Because of Rob Shoeman's hectic schedule we had to find a very different way for him to get all his nutrients. This is the result; as you can see, he made drastic improvements in muscle size and lost body fat at the same time. He did no more than 25 minutes of cardio per day!



Brooks had been training for only two years. This transformation was in the first year after 12 weeks of a contest program for the 2010 Maryland championships He showed complete development and great overall conditioning in the novice heavy weight division.


"Of all the diet and training experts out there, one stands alone. I’ve been fortunate enough to learn from a number of brilliant professors and cutting edge researchers in the fields of nutrition and exercise, and each has an impressive command over the science of their field. Few however, possess the integrated knowledge AND experience needed to apply their science to achieve jaw-dropping results. In a league of his own, Jerry has a strong command over both the underlying science and the vast array of tools needed to elicit tremendous health and physique transformations. Time and again, his guidance precedes the research that consistently confirms his recommendations, something that never ceases to amaze me. In a field with more gray area than most, one that turns most into skeptics, the one consistent authority upon whom I know I can depend is Jerry." - David Goldman


2010 NPC National Bantam Weight champion. Rich switched to Bios3 six weeks out from the Nationals after not being satisfied with his condition at the 2010 Delaware championships. In six weeks, he got in the best shape in his life and won with straight first place votes earning his IFBB pro card. Rich was told he was one of the most conditioned bodybuilders in the whole show!


"I have been working out for the past 6 years, but it wasn’t until I worked with Jerry that my training went to an entirely new level.  I’ve gained new knowledge and personally made more progress in 20 weeks than I did the previous 6 years due to Jerry’s ability to assess my body and adapt my diet and training to what works for me.  I think his extensive knowledge, experience, and personal attention to your needs, as opposed to a cookie cutter program is what separates him from others out there.  I would highly recommend Jerry to anyone and plan to work with him again to prepare for my first contest later this year." - Clay Crownover, VA


Kari prepped for the International IFBB sanctioned competition the Arnold Amateur show. In the B class against many European pro figure competitors, she placed a very respectable 4th place out of 20. Her goal was top five. She then went on six weeks later to win her class at the Lehigh Valley Championships. 2010 was a great year for her!


Simone came to me four weeks before the Miss Maryland USA pageant. She was referred by another trainer who knew I could help her get the job done in this small amount of time before the show. Four weeks later, she won the Miss Maryland USA title and went on to compete in Donald Trump's Miss USA pageant in May 2010! As you can see, Simone was one of the most conditioned women of all the 50 states. We had some obstacles, as she could not get to a gym leading up to the show, so in true BS3 style, we improvised and the outcome was amazing!


Sherwin is a NPC national level competitor in the Super heavy weight division, who used Bios3 in his 2011 season.


"Working with Jerry is the best thing I have ever done for my health. I was at wits end after not seeing results through multiple weight loss programs, diet fads, and exercise regimens. In a matter of days following Jerry’s personalized 12-week diet plan, my body fat percentage dropped, my energy and physical performance improved, and my muscle tone increased considerably. Jerry created an individualized meal plan with a list of acceptable foods, and dietary supplements, taking away all the guess work of having to count calories, grams of protein, carbohydrates, fat, etc. Who would have thought losing weight and adopting a healthier life style could be so easy. Through weekly follow-ups and online check-ins, Jerry kept me motivated and focused, allowing me to reach my weight loss and fitness goals." - Lauren Hanna


"When it comes to accomplishing goals in the gym and on the scale we all know the hurdle just seems to get harder and harder to clear. When I met Jerry Ward, I was starting to feel quite discouraged about the lack of results I was getting in return for what I thought was an insane amount of work I was putting in at the gym. Hell, I even did the 'Insanity' videos for awhile. I knew from talking to many trainers and reading online that diet was a huge part of accomplishing anything when it comes to fitness. The low-carb diet worked for me for awhile, but I was running out of tricks. Jerry is one of those guys who becomes an instant friend. I think he really enjoys helping people accomplish their goals. The level of professionalism Jerry offered me for my new diet plan, he gave to me for a fraction of the price that I had heard people pay for this. I never thought I could afford anything like this and it's working great. The body is a machine, and a bodybuilder is a mechanic for the body's muscular and digestive systems. Who better to know how to get the results you want, whatever they may be than 'The Diet Guy.' I am forever grateful I approached him that day." - Nathan Port


"I came to Jerry a few weeks out from my first NPC competition , (bikini division) I was STUCK! I had been following a plan prior but I was not seeing the results I needed to be stage ready.. I wasn't making improvements -TIRED and in Stage 5 panic mode! I did NOT want to hit the stage and was thinking about bailing on the whole thing! After talking to a few competitors who worked with him and looked amazing so they encouraged me reach out to him.. I felt I was a lost cause lol and skeptical that I would never hit my goals but with a revamped diet and exercise plan low and behold I made some great progress!
I competed in 2 shows and placed in the top 5 in both!
I joke it's a Christmas miracle but the truth is I never would have gotten there had I not been with someone so dedicated, and knowledgeable, (20 years experience!) Jerry was able to produce incredible changes I didn't think were possible. I wasn't questioning if I was doing the right things because I knew he had the background with proven results. I look forward to what we can accomplish in the off season with his guidance to help me reach my the goals for my next competitions!" ~ Maria Muñoz


"I have struggled to gain any significant amount of muscle since I started lifting regularly at age 12.  Considering that putting on lean mass has always been an issue for me but natural strength gains came rather quickly I have gravitated toward the sport of powerlifting over the years.  While I love to pick up heavy stuff I have always desired the bodybuilder look.  The problem for me has always been not fully understanding how to manipulate my macronutrients in response to my training to get the results I desire.  This is where Jerry comes in…  I stumbled across Jerry’s YouTube channel a few months back and instantly felt the urge to get in touch with him to see if he could help me out.  So I emailed him and hired him to coach me along in order to finally get the results I have always wanted so badly.  After a 12 week training and diet program Jerry put together tailored to my personal needs I went from 190 lbs to 203 lbs while keeping my bodyfat levels in check.  My body is much improved and I even have a bunch of guys at my gym asking me what I’m doing to bulk up so quickly without getting fat.  I tell all of them to check out Jerry’s YouTube channel and hire him as their coach if they are serious about putting on size.  Bios3 is the real deal and I will be hiring Jerry back to help me with my cut very soon!  Thanks for all the knowledge Jerry, you’re the man!!!" ~ Dan M.


"Thank you Jerry for teaching me to get out my comfort zone.
15 weeks before my third competition I was watching U-tube videos about Keto diets and came across Jerry's video. I loved how raw he is with his information, direct and to the point. His coaching is the same way which is exactly what I was looking for. I needed a coach who would get me to my goal and help me to not let anything get in the way of that. He educated me as to why I was doing what I was. When I need a little extra encouragement I got it and when I had moments of struggle I was reminded why I wanted this so bad. This was a very challenging prep and I am a stronger person, athlete, personal trainer because of it. Thank you Jerry!"


"I came to Jerry 9 months after having my first child. I was trying to work out on my own and had lost most of my pregnancy weight but when I put on my bathing suit I looked nothing like what I did before having a baby. It was a scary sight! It is true the body does change after having a baby but I was determined to get in shape and wear a bikini again! I contacted Jerry and started my fitness journey. He taylor made a program for me. Juggling an infant, full time job, and fitting in the workouts was hard at first but when you want something you make time for it. Jerry answered all my questions and really helped me understand all the changes I was experiencing. After 12 weeks I couldn't be happier. The shape of my body is different. In stronger and have more energy. I'm so excited to continue my fitness journey and lead a healthy lifestyle with my family." ~ Katy Hall


"Bios3 training is a great routine for anyone interested in taking their goals to the next level. Jerry is a meticulous person that planed my routine based on my needs and lifestyle. I enjoyed that He could be reached real time for any coaching or guidance. I learned a lot about the importance of what I had to eat, and how often.  I am also Very fortunate to have a workout program that lasted me less than an hour.  Long. I weighed beginning of the program 160 pounds and now weigh 167.5 lean mass!  My next goal is to get even leaner however with a defined midsection. Looking forward to working with Jerry again in the future." ~ Danny A.


"Before I started working with Jerry, I was overweight and I was trying to lose fat. I believed in calories in vs calories out that everyone preached and you can eat whatever you want ,that all calories are created equal. Well this was not the case. When Jerry changed my diet I started seeing dramatic results. I was seeing results every day and was on a fairly high calorie diet. He also made some changes to my training routine and I managed to gain muscle and get stronger even while dieting and losing fat. I also learnt that cardio is crucial when it comes to getting lean. He answered every question I had in a short period of time. But the knowledge you again working with Jerry is priceless because you can use it and go even further for the rest of your life. I'm glad I found Jerry and I'm glad I hired him as a coach.Was a wonderful experience!" ~ Brad P.

"I came to Jerry Ward at BioS3 Training after working with a few other well-known coaches in our fitness community over the past few years. My experiences with online coaching were nothing like what I thought they would be. You see, I always wanted to learn and know the “whys” so to speak, regarding changes that were being made to my plan and how they ultimately impacted my body from the inside-out. What I experienced though, was nothing in terms of an explanation to the changes that they were making to my plan and when I asked the “whys”, I received one or two word answers, not much for an explanation if you ask me…. Not to mention, I once received a cookie cutter nutrition and training program that was taken verbatim from the internet from one of my prior coaches.


I am going into all of this non-sense to make a point and that point is that when I started working with Jerry, I slowly but surely came to realize that he was different. He wanted me to pay close attention to details and see what is and what isn’t working for me. I rarely had to ask questions because the questions were already answered in my weekly check-ins with him. I can now look at myself and know whether I need to add a little more protein to my plan, back off the carbs a bit or throw in a cheat meal. He explained to me the true meaning of IIFYM and how to apply it. Not to mention, his philosophies behind training to complete failure. I must say, I have trained hard in my past but this is a new level of training.

The combination of the correct diet, with the right amount of cardio and training is what ultimately will get anyone to reach their goals, no matter who they are. The problem is that there is so much ignorance in the fitness industry that they have us believing that creatine and bcaa’s is going to get you there….. Jerry helped me cut through all the non-sense and laid out a proper nutrition, generic sildenafil, training, cardio and supplementation plan that supported my goals and I did my best to execute everything that he asked of me. The end result, well, I’m still working with Jerry to this day, and this is a journey, there is no destination, so there is no so called, end result…. I decided to continue my working relationship with Jerry at BioS3 Training, so that I can continue to learn more about those certain things that work for me and my body. Anyone looking to learn about the process, their bodies, and not just be a puppet to someone telling them what to do, I highly recommend looking into hiring Bio3S Training." ~ Rob Twele


"I have just finished Week 12 on Jerry's online training and diet program and have lost 27lbs. My starting weight was 222lbs and my weight today is 195lbs. I started Jerry's program with a stacked deck against me as Iwas suffering from a serious shoulder injury which prevented me from benching but Jerry was able to advise me how to work around it. During my 12 week program I also took a break for 3 days when I went on holiday to Amsterdam where my diet was out of the window (I ate well!)and I remember weighing myself when I got home to see that I had stacked on about 5lbs in just those three days.

As soon as I started training and eating properly again my weight dropped down to just 2lbs over my previous week when I checked in with Jerry. I would have to say that I enjoyed this program, I pushed myself hard when training and never felt drained or tired like I have on other training programs that I have tried over the years. This has been the only program that I have ever tried where I was able to lose weight, keep muscle and actually increase strength. On all the other programs that I tried, as my weight went down, my strength went down too and my energy levels nose dived. Was the complete opposite on Jerry's course, I dropped fat, kept muscle, got stronger and my energy levels were good.
If anyone is interested in losing fat and keeping muscle and improving strength then I would unreservedly recommend that they contact Jerry and try his program" - Peter Noack, Waterford, Ireland.

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