It's time to stop looking, and start learning about you! Learn your body, how it works, and how you can make changes at will without counting calories to the last gram and without doing countless hours of exercise, yet not seeing any changes! Get the RESULTS you are looking for and deserve! With BioS3, you do not blindly follow a paper; you learn about your body. It's kind of like going to college to learn your body in a hands-on way! BioSynthetic Training is the blend of three components: training, nutrition, and cardio, fused together. There is simply no one way of training that works for every body.

The number 3 in Bios3, refers to the number of macro-nutrients:

  • Fat
  • Carbohydrates
  • Protein

The 3 ranges of motion we use:

  • Full range (flat bench press)
  • Stretch range (incline flye)
  • Contracted (cable crossover)

The 3 types of cardio:

  • Low intensity (walking at a slow pace)
  • High intensity (stairmill or elliptical)
  • Interval cardio (low and high intensity mixed together)

We also use 3 different rep ranges:

  • Low (1-5 reps)
  • Mid (8-10 reps)
  • High (15-100 reps)

Bios3 also typically uses 3 sets per exercise. Usually after the 3rd set is done, doing a 4th set rapidly decreases performance. There are also ADVANCED techniques used to push the intensity even farther and force the body to adapt, get stronger, and get leaner.

  • 10 x 10's
  • 1 to 10's
  • X-Reps
  • Deja Vu workouts
  • 24-Hour Deja Vu workouts

We also have many more amazing ways to get to that next level of training! BioS3 takes into account the individual metabolism, leverage factors during exercise, and cardiovascular training, and blends them together to create the optimal training program tailored to the individual. There are so many cookie cutter diets and programs out there. You pay the money and within seconds you get a program. The problem is that it's a general program. It doesn't work for everyone.

BioS3 will FIND the program that's right for you. No gimmicks. No lies. No excuses. There are hundreds of programs out there, and one is right for you! To start your journey to your best body ever, contact us today!

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